5 Reasons Why Company Culture Is a Startup’s Most Important Asset

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1) It Can Be Your Ultimate Competitive Advantage

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Your competitors can clone your technology, steal your employees or even copy your best practices.

However, there’s one thing that they can never truly replicate – your company culture.

Utilizing company culture as a competitive advantage has been brought into attention recently especially with the success of tech companies like Google, Zappos and Mindvalley.

It is no accident that those are also the places where you can find some of the best minds currently in the industry.

They say that the brightest minds only flourish in the healthy environments. If I were you, I’ll go work on that company culture immediately – it’s the best HR policy you have!

2) Cultivate Your Company Culture Today… Before It’s Too Late

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Most entrepreneurs think that culture engineering can be put off until the company gets bigger. Nothing could be further from truth!

Culture is most easily defined while the start up is still small. When it gets bigger, you would no longer be trying to implement a great culture.

Instead, you would be fighting an uphill battle with a bad culture, trying to undo poor habits deeply embedding in your company.

They have a cussword for such behavior – it’s called their “company policy”.

3) It Helps You Attract & Retain Talent

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Unfortunately, most entrepreneurs do not give enough room or attention for such cultures to flourish nor do they channel enough resources to nurture such environment.

This is especially true during the startup phrases of a business.

The entrepreneur in us are usually so concerned about the survival of the business, we neglect the employees who actually run the business.

These employees (typically overworked and underpaid, as with most employees working in a startup) would then leave for better prospects elsewhere.

Given that most startups have little budget to hire great people, the best bet you have got to attract and retain these talents lies solely in your company culture.

Here’s a great time to remind ourselves of a simple truth:

A business can only be as great as the people who run it.

Thus, if you truly want your startup to create great products, it starts with having a great corporate culture internally.

4) It Drives Peak Performance

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You can easily find stories of how employees from companies with great culture consistently produce excellent work or experiences with their customer service officers who go the extra miles floating around the blogosphere.

These genuine and organic stories have the effect of wowing their readers and attracting customers for them. It even doubles up as their marketing campaigns sometimes!

It is continual efforts like these from their employees that truly push the company onto greater heights.

And it is worth pointing out that these efforts would not have been sustainable if not for the presence of a company culture that encourages it.

If you are looking to sustain your employee’s peak performance in the long run, perhaps you should start giving some thought to establishing your own company culture.

5) It Helps  You to Outdo Your Competitors

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The amazing thing about company culture is that it is completely unique and can never be copied to achieve the same effect.

IDEO has opened their offices for countless tours; Zappos has written about it in detail in a book; Mind Valley has even posted their entire process online!

However, none of their competitors have even come remotely close to replicating the synergy these companies have among their employees.

Want to outdo your rivals and stand out from your competitors? The answer lies closer to home than you think!

So think about how you can enhance your ultimate asset today. While it may not reflect on your bottom-line immediately, its effects may last much longer than that business model you placed your faith on in the long run.

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