7 Fastest Ways How To Get Clients To Say Yes To You

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In order to secure an opportunity to close the sale, you will have one chance
to impress upon your client enough to say yes.

Ever wondered how some people close a sale by jamming a foot in the door, and you expect the client to be unreceptive to such an approach? It may just work in the favour of the sales person… if they managed to make the client like them in that split second introduction.

Here’s how you can increase chances of closing a sale, when you lay the groundwork of getting clients to like you beforehand.

1) Call Prospects Out By Name

Imagine you are in a business networking event. These events help to get strangers to turn into acquaintances. From acquaintances, there’s a chance that it may develop into an ongoing partnership.

The ability of getting people to like you is what sets you apart from remaining at acquaintance, or progressing into talks of partnership.

During networking events, people often have difficulty remembering new people’s names. Being able to recall names will put you ahead of the rest in being likeable. And a step closer to talk business.

Multi-ethnic audience at the business conference

2) Electronic Device Etiquette

The quality of the interaction you have with your client will affect how much they like you. By constantly checking your mobile device while you’re with a client, you will have less opportunities to build on a quality interaction.

Without quality interaction, it will be hard to get clients to like you enough to say yes to you. On the flip side, if you make a conscious effort to be present and show presence in the interaction, you will have many chances to interact with your client.

Getting them to say yes will become easier.

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3) Consistency

There’s probably a reason why you go back to the same person who cuts your hair. That’s the same reason that keeps you motivated to show the side of you to clients. Consistency helps clients keep coming back to you because they know what to expect.

And chances are, they like what they see.

Consistently delivering good service or quality will generate likeability for you.

4) Show Genuine Interest

If you notice that in a conversation, one side is talking most the time and the other party is reduced to politely nodding, you can bet that the one talking will like the one listening more.

The one listening can further increase likeability by asking relevant questions that follow up on what’s been said.

This demonstrates that the one listening is genuinely interested in what the one talking says. A receptive listener is one that’s likeable, and clients will appreciate someone who’s a keen listener.

5) Smiling

Much has been done during our childhood to ensure that even if it’s to bare our teeth at the cameraman, we appear to be smiling.

In becoming likeable, you will need to build on people’s perception that you are someone who is positive.

Clients would prefer to work with someone that is happy from within, so if you convey the happiness inside by smiling often, you enjoy higher chances of a client saying yes to you.

Close up of woman smiling

6) Make Someone’s Day

To enable clients to like you enough to say yes, you will want to feel good inside first.

How do you do that?

When you do someone a favour, or make them feel good, it leaves a positive feeling with yourself too.

Research in psychology has proven that people who give unconditionally experience high satisfaction level than people who don’t.

Random acts of kindness for strangers can help you feel good, from where you will benefit from clients appreciative of the goodness that emits from you.

7) Standing In Someone Else’s Shoes

Connections are made from our acts of relating to one another’s experiences and emotions. Our ability to be liked is relative to how deeply we feel in common with our client.

The empathy you have with your client will help you in likeability, and eventually the yes.


By becoming better in tune with how we make ourselves likeable by clients, it will bring us to more sales. Find out how you can benefit from increasing your likeability with old and new clients by giving the methods a try!

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