LIVE in Singapore - The Mentor Of The World's Greatest Business Owners & Entrepreneurs Reveals...
"Transform Your Business Into An Industry Powerhouse... Attract Elite Top-Paying Clients, And Multiply Your Business Revenue"
Specially Presented To You By The Creator Of "Money And You"... Find Out More Below!
"Very different and far more powerful than anything else you've ever heard"
Jay Abraham
Abraham Group, Founder And CEO
Bobby Sampsons,
Founder of
People who don’t know Marshall, he is a legend on a worldwide basis… Marshall has spent his life transforming entrepreneurial businesses of about every kind and size into extraordinary money makers… He has a system, a series of principles and methodologies and ideologies that is very different and far more powerful than anything else you’ve ever heard…
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners, you'll want to continue reading this page because this may just change your business forever and will...
  •  Help you to double or triple your customer base without spending a bomb on advertising
  •  Allow you to raise the prices of your products or services without losing clients
  •  Help your business become the #1 player in your industry... even if you feel you have a small business
  •  Help you to crush your competition by using strategies they may not even know about
Event Details
Date/Time: 11th May, Thursday, 10AM to 5.30PM

Venue: 24 Raffles Place,
Clifford Centre #10-06
Singapore 048621

(2 Min Walk From Raffles Place MRT)

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I Want You To Meet The Man Who Is
The World's Greatest Business Teacher...
He's going to change YOUR business completely as he knows exactly
what you should do in order to turn your business around...
This is why he's the teacher to some of the world's top
business owners and entrepreneurs, such as:
Co-creators of Chicken Soup For The Soul, Jack Canfield & Mark Victor Hansen
Co-founder of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream, Ben Choen
And Many More Others...
So Who Is This Great Teacher Who Has Helped So
Many Business Owners & Entrepreneurs?
He's none other than
Marshall Thurber.
The World's Greatest Business Teacher Has:
  •  Spent more than 40 years teaching business people worldwide
  •  Helped many business owners to become the market leader in their industry
  •   He is indeed an incredible teacher and the man behind the scenes of some of the world's most powerful brands.
  •   Without Marshall's mentorship, many businesses might never be publicly known or heard.
What Has Marshall Thurber Helped Many
Business Owners & Entrepreneurs With?
The stress of having low sales and little customers
The fear of not knowing what to do to to negotiate for the best closing deal with a client
Not knowing how to overcome tough competition while having a small business
Being stuck and unsure of the strategy to quickly expand a business safely without facing too many wrong decisions
Having little or no ideas on how to gain a first-mover advantage in their own industries
The struggle of not knowing how to prepare the future of a business instead so as to prevent getting left behind
Maybe YOU too are currently facing one of the above situations and so I'd like to ask you...
What is YOUR plan to bring your business out of any of the above unwanted situations?
  • Spend more money on advertising?
  • Go for more networking sessions?
  • Reduce your prices?

You can probably try different ways to save your business but... are you able to afford to waste so much time and money?

Before you're done testing... your competition may already be far ahead of you.

This is why some work smart by getting a mentor.

A good mentor can accelerate your path to success.

When it comes to business... people have decided to turn to Marshall Thurber.

An incredible mentor who has managed to bring real results to business owners and entrepreneurs.

Real Results Such As These...
" business has doubled from $2.4M to $4.8M"
Matthew Heskin
Emission Testing Consultants, Managing Director

"I was first exposed to his Business & YOU course in August 2010… In this time (3 years) my business has doubled from $2.4M to $4.8M, and I attribute this all to Marshall’s teachings."

If you too would like to change your business and get real results then this upcoming masterclass may be for you...
It doesn't matter if:
You have just started your business
You are running a 5-figure busness
You already have a small to medium scale business
This masterclass will be for you as long as you are an entrepreneur or a business owner.
Here's What You'll Learn At This
 Upcoming Workshop:
1. How YOU can STAND OUT above everyone else and CRUSH the competition - no matter how saturated your marketplace is!
  •  Be the first in new trends, so your competitors are always seen as copycats
  •  The #1 secret all the BIG BOYS in your industry use to stay ahead of everyone else. (Knowing this can level the playing field for you!)
  •  How to deliver SO MUCH VALUE to your clients they think you're a God-send and they will NEVER stop paying or leave you!
2. How to ATTRACT high-paying clients and get them to pay you MORE than your competitors... over and over again! 
  •  How to find elite, top-tier customers, have them pay you and even refer their high-paying friends to you too!
  •  Why thinking "customer satisfaction" is a complete recipe for disaster!
  • How you can become so loved and trusted to your clients that they'll literally invite you to their children's weddings!
3. How to EXPLOSIVELY GROW your business and take your PROFITS to the NEXT level!
  •  Spot brand-new opportunities BEFORE everyone else in the marketplace - and put yourself in pole position to make the most profits!
  •  The best-kept secret to consistently deliver addictive, top-notch products and services that customers love and crave!
  •  Reduce costs and keep more profits in your pocket! Prevent potential breakdowns in your business LONG before they happen ... and sustain the future of your business! (No more unpleasant surprises and costly mistakes)
Who Will Be Speaking At This
FREE Upcoming Masterclass?
Marshall Thurber's Ambassador in Asia!
(Melvin Soh)
More About Melvin...

Before he met Marshall Thurber, Melvin's life was really different. He started his own advertising business as he wanted to work anywhere he wanted...but he ended up working 16 hours in a day.

What's Worse? He also had no weekends off and often had no time for family.

Melvin's Life After He Met Marshall Thurber:
  • He doubled his number of clients
  • He raised his prices by 40% but all his clients were more than happy to pay him
  • He also implemented what he learnt for his clients and helped one of them make S$21,000 in 2 week in a highly competitive market without spending money on ads
  • He managed to help another client to clinch 2 five-figure contracts and a six-figure contract
"Melvin's energy was contagious, his content was
 intriguing and so informative..."
Stephanie Dickson
Founder, The Wedge Asia
We had the pleasure of having Melvin share Marshall's principles at one of our events and he totally mesmerised the crowd. His energy was contagious, the content was intriguing and informative and his questions were thought provoking. He owned the stage with grace and confidence. A perfect mix of knowledge, anecdotes and humour.
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