10 Surprising Signs that Reveal that You’re Meant to Be an Entrepreneur

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If you can be sure of one thing, it’s that not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. In fact, an engineering student may be more suited for business than someone studying entrepreneurship in a prestigious school.

Some people just have a natural flair for entrepreneurship, while others have to acquire the necessary skills and traits along the way.

How do you know if a life as an entrepreneur is right for you? Here are 10 surprising signs that could reveal that you’re an entrepreneur at heart.


You Were a “B” Student

Entrepreneurs aren’t always the best students in school.

Getting straight-A’s for every subject requires you to put in an immense amount of time and effort into studying. And entrepreneurs are just too busy with other things (they like to study outside the curriculum) to put in that level of commitment.

But that’s not to say you can fail your exams either.

You might’ve heard of one or two rare cases of school dropouts who eventually made it big in business. But they represent a small minority. Because let’s face it, most school dropouts end up working at the nearby fast-food chain, don’t they?


You Participated in All Sorts of School Projects

If you found yourself volunteering for various sorts of school projects – from raising money for a charity, to organizing an overseas expedition, or even taking charge of an event – then you might have the innate characteristics of an entrepreneur.

You can’t sit still and just go through life being average. Deep down, you desire to do something unique, something fun, and something challenging.


You Were Bullied in School

Entrepreneurs don’t fit in with the norm. They are unique, special, and have been described as “borderline crazy”.

Kids have not developed a sophisticated sense of morality, and hence, they readily outcast anyone who doesn’t conform to the social norms.

If you find yourself labelled as a “misfit”, read this very interesting and inspiring quote from Derren Brown, an internationally-acclaimed mentalist and psychological illusionist.

“I have retained a belief that it is the popular sporty kids at school who grow up to have the least interesting lives, and the unhappy young souls who develop into the most extraordinary adults. Whoever heard of a creative genius being understood as a child and well loves by his classmates? Who like to imagine an artist who emerged into adulthood content with his lot? And conversely, how satisfying to hear that almost without exception, the untroubled, popular kids at school have ended up blandly as accountants, solicitors, or ‘in IT’. Hold on, misfits, your day will come.”


You Always Have a Plan

It’s a shocking statistic: 9 out of every 10 start-ups fail. And as the old adage goes, “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail”.

In order to survive in the cut-throat environment of business, you must always have a plan. And that’s not enough. You also must have a vision of where you want to take your business to.

You leave almost nothing to chance, and you plan for just about any contingency you can think of.


You Get Off Your Butt and Actually Do Something

You have the urge to do something, and to get things done. You can’t stand the idea of sitting around all day planning, reading, and thinking.

You understand that no amount of planning or studying will ever take the place of actually executing the casino online plan. And deep down, you know that no matter how much you plan, nothing ever goes as smoothly as you’d like it to.

This point may seem like a contradiction to the previous point, but it’s actually not. Successful entrepreneurs don’t spend all their time planning. And neither do they jump in with both feet without a solid plan.

There’s a fine balance between planning and executing that you need to thread on. And there’s a time when you have to stop planning and start doing.


You’re Obsessed with Something and You Lose Yourself in It

Starting a business requires you to put in an unthinkable amount of time and effort, especially in the early stages.

To accomplish this amazing feat, you need to have two very important characteristics: you need to be obsessed with what you’re doing, and you need to be able to lose yourself doing it (what psychologists call a state of flow).

It’s simple to determine if you have these characteristics. First, if you need to ask yourself if you’re obsessed with something to find out, then you’re probably not.

Second, if you often find yourself spending way more time on tasks, and it’s almost as if time speeds up when you’re doing it, then you’re probably experiencing a state of flow.

In this state, you find yourself in an ultra-productive state, where creative ideas flow, and where you never seem to get tired.


You’re Naturally Curious and Excited to Learn

How often do you hear of a successful entrepreneur (or successful anyone, for that matter) who doesn’t have time to read? Almost never.

In fact, many entrepreneurs become experts in their field simply because they read a lot. They practically devour every single book on their subject.

The ability and desire to learn is essential to becoming a successful entrepreneur because the world of business is always changing. And you need to always be at the cutting edge of the developments in your industry.


You Sold the Most Cookies

Selling is probably the most important skill that an entrepreneur needs to have – whether it’s selling your products to customers, or selling your ideas to investors, or even selling your vision to your employees.

Entrepreneurs are brilliant communicators, and they are able to persuade someone into doing a deal with them that is win-win.

Most entrepreneurs fall into one of two categories. First, they are extremely gifted with words, and are a natural influencer. The second group of people aren’t so lucky.

You often hear of entrepreneurs who start off as horrible communicators. And because they are so bad at it, they spend more time practicing, reading and studying the art of communication and persuasion. And that’s how they become great.


What Box?

When people ask you to think outside of the box, you reply: “What box?” You enjoy coming up with novel and innovative (and sometimes crazy) solutions to problems.

You have nothing, but you always managed to get things done.

“It’s not resources, but resourcefulness, that ultimately makes the difference.” – Tony Robbins

As an entrepreneur, you often don’t have that many resources. Hence, you often have to depend on your resourcefulness to get done.


You Failed and Got Rejected So Many Times You’re Immune to It

Here’s a grim reminder: 9 out of 10 start-ups fail

And as entrepreneurs, you’re going to experience more failures and rejections than there are drops of water in the ocean (I’m exaggerating, but you get my point).

Entrepreneurs fail fast, and they fail all the time. The key here is how fast it takes for you to get back up on your feet. Some people can dwell on a failure for years before moving on. And some people never truly leave their baggage behind.

If you’re able to learn from a failure and recover quickly, then you may just have the inner workings of a successful entrepreneur.


How many of these 10 traits do you have? Let us know in the comments below!

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