3 Low-Cost Traffic Sources To Help You Attract More Customers Instantly… That 8 Out of 10 Business Owners Are Clueless About!

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When your business lacks traffic… your sales and profits will drop sharply as well.


How do we know that?

Because after speaking with hundreds of business owners… after working with dozens of entrepreneurs (here at SingaporeEntrepreneurs.com)…






We realize that’s what many business owners experience when their traffic is dry and slow.




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That’s why in this article, we’ve decided to do a breakdown of…


3 Low-Cost Traffic Sources That Business Owners Can Use To Attract More Customers Instantly!


“Instantly?”, you ask.

“Is that too good to be true?”

No it’s not…

Because with the right strategy, these traffic sources allow you to get visitors and eyeballs gushing into your website in just minutes…

Without having to spend tens of thousands of dollars on traditional advertising mediums!


You can literally get started for slightly less than $20, and…

Get an army of targeted, hungry audiences viewing your products and services.





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Low-Cost Traffic Source #1: Facebook


I’m sure you’ve seen advertisements on facebook before.

They’re either on the right hand side of the screen…







Right smack in the middle… Camouflaged among your news feed and stories…





Or on your mobile phone…







Facebook is one of the most preferred traffic sources among business owners, because of its huge audience base. But…


That’s not all.


Here are some benefits of getting traffic from facebook:


  • Ability to target customers and leads accurately, because of FB’s powerful interest and demographic features
  • Can secure cheap leads and clicks… if… you actually do your targeting right




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  • You can serve your ads in a certain area or town, allowing you to specifically target people living there
  • It has huge potential of “compounding”. This means once someone likes your page or shares it… hundreds of other people automatically see it too… giving you FREE traffic!





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It does have its own disadvantages too. And here are some:

  • Huge and fierce competition, because of how targeted it is. Hence, many other advertisers also use facebook
  • Your ad account can get banned… without warning… if you violate any of their rules and policies
  • You can still get charged expensive prices if your ads are not relevant


Who should use Facebook Advertising?

If you are clear on who your target audience is… if you know what they like and what are their interests…

Then facebook is definitely the way to go!

Because you can hone in on your audience with laser focus, get cheap clicks and leads, and get hungry customers to your products.


Low-Cost Traffic Source #2: Yahoo Gemini




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This is a relatively new player in the online advertising market.

Compared to the older boys like Facebook or Google… Yahoo’s advertising network is not as developed yet.

So this is good news, isn’t it?

Because that means…

Not many advertisers are on board yet, and that leaves room for us to take a huge chunk of the profit pie before the others swoop in.


How does it work?

It’s actually similar in function to facebook… except… its targeting features are not as sophisticated yet.

So, you won’t be able to target customers with laser-like precision. But…

You can still get relatively cheap clicks and leads, thus allowing you to lock in customers with ease.




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Here are some benefits of getting traffic from Yahoo:

  • Still relatively new… so competition is not as stiff… allowing you to get clicks and leads relatively easy
  • Yahoo owns a huge network of sites, and the ads you run with them will be shown across multiple platforms… Hence increasing your reach and exposure.
  • Many of their ads look like news articles, which increases tendency of people clicking on them.


Just take a look at the example below:




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The ad is in the red box, and it’s nicely camouflaged among all the other actual news stories.

Most people would not even notice the “sponsored” label, thus NOT knowing that it’s an ad.

Look… even NUS is advertising on yahoo… with an ad that looks like a news story:




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It does have its own disadvantages too. And here are some:

  • Because of the lack of developed targeting features… advertising on yahoo can be more costly as the clicks are not the most relevant
  • Its reach is not as huge as other audience networks
  • Conversions are also not as high as facebook, because of the lack of precise targeting


Who should use Yahoo Gemini?

Currently, we recommend this only to advertisers who are familiar with online advertising.

Because the clicks and leads are more expensive than usual, it’s best if you already have some experience with creating ads online.

This allows you to manage your cost and conversions effectively, as you know how to react.

So, if you are completely new…

Keep this weapon as a backup for now… and focus on other cheaper and simpler traffic sources first.


Low-Cost Traffic Source #3: OutBrain




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Outbrain is a content-marketing platform that helps advertisers reach relevant users, by using the power of behavioral targeting.

That means… they target audiences who they think are most suitable for your products and services…

Based on the types of websites, products, and articles that the audience interacts with online.

This “match” allows your ads and content to be shown to highly-relevant users…

So it keeps your costs low, and you can easily get targeted leads and website visitors!

Similar to yahoo, they serve your ads on a wide range of news and highly popular websites…

Camouflaging your ads within news stories and videos, so they get clicked on more.


Here are some benefits of getting traffic from Outbrain:

  • Outbrain is currently installed on more than 35,000 websites online… including popular sites like Guardian.com, CNN.com… and even local news sites like Channel News Asia.Thus, your ads will be seen on websites that have authority and credibility.
  • Outbrain serves over 150 billion recommendations and 15 billion page views per month… which gives advertisers like us lots of exposure and reach
  • Similar to Yahoo Gemini, your ads on Outbrain will be served on news sites… thus making it well-camouflaged among other news… so users do NOT think it’s an ad.

Just take a look at this article on popular news site, The Guardian:




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If you actually scroll further down, you would see these outbrain ads… camouflaged well among news stories:





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Or how about a local example for you?

Take a look at this news article published by Channel News Asia:





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Similarly, if you scroll down… you would see these outbrain ads disguised well within other news stories…





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It does have its own disadvantages too. And here are some:

  • Similar to yahoo gemini… the lack of precise targeting features makes outbrain results less predictable. Hence, your costs and expenses may fluctuate.
  • Since your ad is nested among a whole list of other news stories and ads, people may not click on it… or… they may miss your ad completely
  • Because your ad is nested among news stories… people might click thinking it’s a news… but when they eventually realize it’s an ad, they might not be happy about it.Want a solution for that? Read on below…


Who should use Outbrain?

If you’re selling products and services with lots of testimonials… then outbrain is perfect for you!

Because you can feature your customer testimonials as news stories…

And use these different news stories in your Outbrain ad.

Since people click on your Outbrain ad… thinking they’re going to read a news story… It would be good if the website they go too actually shows them a real story.


It can be a story of your customer’s results…

It can be a story of your failure leading to success…

It can be a story about how your product or service was created!


Whatever it is…

The copy on your website should be CONSISTENT with the ad they clicked on.

You can then gradually transition from these stories into selling your product or service, thus giving your sales promotion a natural and smooth effect.




So there you have it…

3 low-cost traffic sources that most business owners are clueless about!


With these 3 traffic sources, you’ll be able to generate cheap clicks and leads… thus getting more people to know about your products and services.

Of course, these traffic sources are not the end of it all.

There are many other traffic sources out there you can use, but we personally recommend these 3 to start with because…

They’re one of the simplest and most effective to get your feet wet!

So go ahead… pick your traffic source most suited for your business…

Or maybe even combine 2 of them together…

And start generating visitors and eyeballs to your website and offers!

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