3 Ways How Twitter-Like Headlines Get You More Visitors

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Feeling frustrated that your article is not getting clicks and read by your target audience?


Do you want your article to stand out in a sea of links and pages of search results?

If you want your article to rise above the rest, catch the attention of your targeted audience and entice them to read more, your headline is the most crucial element in the equation.

For this, let’s take a look at the users of this massive social networking site…



[image credits: twitter.com]

Twitter is a platform where millions of users “tweet” about the daily happenings in their lives and can choose to follow the happenings of others. With a character limit of just 140 characters including letters, spaces and punctuation, it gives people little choice but to express their ideas concisely.

I’ve done my analysis and found out that certain tweets stopped me in my tracks and got me to click on the link to read more in the article.

I am sharing 3 ways how you can apply the concepts of Twitter-Like Headlines into your headlines and take action today to immediately get more visitors to your article.

1) Be Catchy And Concise

Let’s face it.  Our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter.

Thanks to smartphones, Human attention span is now officially shorter than that of a goldfish.


[image credits: www.tmifromk.wordpress.com]

If your target audience does not find your headline enticing enough to click, your article will remain the best-kept secret in the world.

Nobody will know about it…find it…nor read about it…

The headline of your article is crucial to get your targeted audience to take the first action – to click on the link, and take the first step to discovering you.

After that, you can work your magic on them in the content of your article.

For this to happen, let’s take a moment and step into the shoes of our target audience…

Imagine your prospect researching on the Internet for information to solve their problem. Your content appears in the sea of links and pages of search results.


[image credits: www.twitter.com]

What do you think your targeted prospects are going to do?

With tons of information, articles, and advertisements bombarding your prospect every second, they will just skim and scan for the most catchy and attention grabbing headline that catches their attention before they click on it.

From the above scenario, you can see the importance of an attention-grabbing and catchy headline that sets you apart from your competition, grabs your prospect’s attention and gets him/her to want to click on your link to read more.

Now, let’s go in-depth into how to craft a catchy and concise headline that appeals to your target audience.

2) Be Specific And Memorable

One company which uses this concept very well in their marketing is…



[image credits: www.apple.com]

When Steve Jobs launched the IPod, he came out with one of the greatest product headlines of all time.

“One Thousand Songs That Could Fit Into Your Pocket”

How about this headline when Steve Jobs launched the MacBook Air:

“The World’s Thinnest Notebook”

Notice anything?

Both are exciting headlines with a big promise of real value that will attract people.

Steve Jobs takes the guesswork out of a new product by creating a one-line description or headline that best tells you what the product is.

His headlines tells a story, while at the same time driving home the following important concept…

3) Answer The Most Important Question Your Target Audience Has: “Why Should I Care?”


[image credits: www.quickmeme.com]

The image above sums out what’s in your target audience’s mind when they are skimming and scrolling through their social newsfeed and search results.

Your target audience is looking for something which can alleviate the pain that they have or something they can benefit from.

Craft your headline in under 140 characters to include the following three points:

  • Promise of real value
  • Promise of a solution to alleviate the pain your prospect is facing
  • Promise of something the prospect can benefit from

This would stop your target audience in their tracks, want to click on your link and read your article.

Action Time


[image credits: www.gfi.com]

I have shared with you 3 tips to craft better headlines that can grab your target audience’s attention, stop them in their tracks and get them to click on your link and read your article.

Now, it’s time to put your knowledge into action… and get some results.

[featured image credits: www.smartmortgagemarketing.com.au]

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