5 Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use To Attract Hundreds of Leads To Your Business Every Month… Cheaply and Quickly

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Imagine being able to get hundreds of warm, hungry, targeted leads every month…


Leads who are interested to know more about your business, your products, and your services.

And now, imagine being able to get these fresh and hot leads on autopilot…

WITHOUT having to constantly network… cold call… or push your products down a random stranger’s throat.


Here’s The Bad News:


96% of business owners in Singapore have no idea how to do that.


Here’s The Good News:


Since 96% of business owners in Singapore are clueless about that, we can profit hugely if we know how to make this happen.


And That’s What You’re Going To Be Learning In This Article:


Exactly how you can capture more leads for your business…

Quickly, Cheaply, And… Automatically!




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So what’s the strategy you can use to become part of the 4% above

To enjoy a steady, automatic supply of leads gushing into your business… every month?


Let’s Tap Onto The Power Of A… “Lead Magnet”!

Wait a minute… What’s a lead mag… net?

Is that some sort of powerful metal or alloy?

Isn’t this supposed to be an article on business… NOT on engineering or chemistry?

Don’t worry, this article is 100% made for business owners who are hungry for more leads… and want them in the fastest and cheapest way.

Let me explain:


“A lead magnet, is a tool business owners use to attract targeted leads to their products and services”

Just like a magnet, it allows you to attract and draw leads to your business…

Automatically and naturally…

By providing people with something that is useful and valuable to them.


Here’s An Example Of A Lead Magnet… Used By A Business To Attract Fresh, Hot Leads:



[Image credits: Hubspot.com]


In this example, HubSpot.com is letting people give try out their marketing platform…


FREE, For 30 Days…

In exchange for their details (email, name, number).

So what’s the lead magnet here?

It’s the valuable marketing software they’re giving away free, in exchange for a lead (potential customer’s contact information)


How Can You Benefit From Using “Lead Magnets” In Your Business?

  • You’re giving away something of value to potential customers… which establishes goodwill and trust… thus increasing the chances of a sale from them
  • Lead magnets are quick, easy, and cheap to produce… so the cost is almost ZERO to you… but you can potentially gain hundreds and thousands of leads from it
  • Potential customers feel happy and excited to give you their contact details… because you are giving them something useful, instead of hard-selling them all the time!
  • If someone likes your lead magnet, they may share or promote it to their friends. This multiplies your leads and sales, with zero extra effort on your part
  • It allows you to showcase your credibility and expertise in the market… because if your lead magnet is useful and valuable to people, they automatically think that…


Your Actual Product Must Be Even More Awesome, And They Cannot Wait To Buy It!

This allows you to stand out from your competitors…

Become the #1 choice in the market, and…

Get an army of leads, sales, and happy customers… without having to spend thousands of hours networking and cold-calling!


5 Types Of Lead-Magnets You Can Use In Your Business:


Lead-Magnet Variation 1: FREE Software/ Tool/ Download/ Trial/ Sample


Here’s an example from clickable.com:





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They’re offering a free trial to their sales and marketing software…

In exchange for your contact information (lead).

Or how about quickbooks.intuit.sg?




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They are letting users try out their tracking software… for FREE…

So they can:

  • Get leads (in the form of contact information)
  • Let you have a taste of how amazing their expense and income tracking software is… so you will want the actual product they offer
  • Build trust and credibility… by letting users experience the software before buying.


If Your Business Has Products Or Services That Are Software Based…

Then you should try this form of lead magnet (free trial).

It allows you to hook more customers by letting them have a small taste of your offer, before buying.


Lead-Magnet Variation 2: FREE Discounts/ Coupons

This is something I’m sure many Singaporeans are familiar with:




[Image Credits: Groupon.com]


When you head over to groupon.com, you have to sign up as a member to gain access to their deals.

Membership is FREE, and it entitles you to…


A Wide Array Of Crazy Deals And Dirt-Cheap Discounts.

In return for the amazing value you get from Groupon, what do they get?

  • They get your email address (lead)…
  • Which allows them to promote more of their deals and offers…
  • Eventually making more money from you.


Here’s 2 More Examples Of Using Discounts And Offers As A Lead Magnet:




[Image Credits:]


Scoot uses deals and offers on their flight tickets… in exchange for a lead.

Similarly, Marie-France bodyline does the same. Except, they do something even smarter here:





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Did you spot it?


They Actually Give You The Option Of Selecting Which Package You Want…

Which makes the deal/ offer look even more enticing, hence increasing the chances of you giving them your contact information.

If you’re a business owner selling a product or service that can easily be discounted…

Or… If you can offer certain services or products with a low cost…

Then you should try implementing this form of lead magnet in your business!


Lead-Magnet Variation 3: FREE Consultation

If your business offers services that are more personalized and customized…

Or if your prices are high…

Then this form of lead magnet is the way to go.



  • In the FREE consultation, you can share some useful tips with the potential customer. This adds value, and builds trust
  • You have the opportunity to show how you can customize and personalize your services for them… thus establishing value of your offer, so you can charge higher prices
  • You can find out whether this client is a good match for you, and whether they have the ability to pay you and work well with you


Here’s an example:




[Image Credits:]




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ExcelHelp.com allows its potential customers to schedule a FREE consultation with them.

This allows them to find out the needs of these potential customers…

And also establish their value and prices clearly.

If your business offers products or services of a personal nature… then this is the way to go!


Lead-Magnet Variation 4: FREE Guide Or Ebook




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If you have valuable tips or information relevant to your audience…


Then creating a FREE guide or ebook can be a simple way to get leads for your business.

Here are a few ideas for you:

  • The guide can be a step-by-step strategy to help your audience solve their problems…
  • It can teach them a few tips and tactics to achieve whatever goal they have…
  • Or, it can even be a mind map or checklist of important information they need to look out for

One of the biggest benefits of creating a guide is that…


It’s FREE, And Can Be Created In Just 30 Minutes.


Imagine creating a lead magnet that takes only 30 minutes of your time…

Doesn’t cost you any money…

But yet, can be used to bring in hundreds of hot leads for you, every month!

Isn’t it worth it?

If you have valuable tips and information to share, then this is a good form of lead magnet to use for your business.


Lead-Magnet Variation 5: FREE Video Training

Here’s an example:




[Image Credits:]


This is actually very similar to giving away a FREE ebook or guide.



Videos Are Generally Seen As A Much Higher-Value Lead Magnet!



  • If you are a business owner who is not afraid to appear on video, and want to establish a personal connection with your potential customers
  • If you have valuable tips and strategies that are better taught in person, rather than in writing
  • If you are just too lazy to write an ebook, and you prefer talking…


Then creating a video lead magnet is the way to go!

Not only do you build higher rapport and trust (because people can see your face and expressions)…

But people actually get more value from you, compared to a book.

Hence, there is a higher chance of them buying your products and services in future!



Fresh leads are the lifeblood of every business.

Without it, any business will be struggling to get sales and customers.

So if you want to secure more leads, sales, and customers for your business, then…

Put some of these lead magnets into action today!

You can even offer a variety of different lead magnets, depending on the nature of your product or service.

And lastly, don’t forget…

The purpose of the lead magnet should be used to add value to your potential customer, and benefit them as well.

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