5 Magic Words That Keep Prospects Riveted to Your Copy

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Have you ever imagined that there are magic words you can use to keep your prospects glued to your sales copy or blog post, eager to read the next word or the next line?

Now you can, with the 5 magic words that I am going to share with you on this blog post.

Before I share with you the 5 words, let’s go through a few concepts…

The purpose of the advertisement you put out there is to get the click.

The main purpose of your squeeze page is to get your opt-in.

One of the purpose of your blog post or your sales copy would be to captivate your reader so they are eager to hear from you more, and also take the desired action.

Here are 5 magic words that keep prospects riveted to your copy.

1) Free


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This is one of the most powerful words in the history of marketing.

People hate to lose out on things and it triggers an emotional response in your target audience where they instinctively reach for the low-hanging fruit. It illustrates no risk and the least amount of effort to get it.

Who doesn’t like free stuff, right?

This is also one of the most overused words in marketing, some people may feel that there is a catch to this word. A hidden risk. It may also cheapen and devalue the product if it is used wrongly.

Well, to use this word effectively, and attract the right target audience for your business, you will need to understand what do they want, what are the pain they are facing right now, what are their deepest desires.

As a business owner, you still need illustrate in your copy how your product, service or service helps to alleviate a pain or solves a problem that your target audience may have.

At the end, you will need to include a call-to-action that is clear, concise and action-oriented that tells them the next course of action.

2) Instantly

works instantly

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In our fast-paced and information filled world, people’s attention span and patience are getting shorter and shorter.

People crave instant gratification, as seen in many aspects of our life such as instant noodle, fast food, instant print.

Many people operate based on their lizard brain – they are looking for the solution to solve their problem instantly, right now.

The word “instantly” triggers and activates their lizard brain to take action to get your product or service to have instant gratification to solve their pain or gain pleasure.

3) You

“Who is the most important person in this world?”

The answer is of course…


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Your target audience does not care about you, your company, your product or your service.

They care about themselves.

Using the word “you” allows you to build rapport with them.

It relates to them.

It allows your target audience to have better connection with your copy.

So as a marketer and copywriter, remember to sprinkle the word regularly in your copy.  For every one time you use the word “I”, “me” or “our”, use the word “you” 3 times.

4) Guarantee


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Some prospects may have a fear of purchasing a big ticket item online, as there is a risk involved, this holds them back from making a purchase.

The offer of a guarantee on your product, makes it more trustworthy and reliable.  It means that you as a company believes in the quality of your product and in customer satisfaction.

Having a guarantee helps to remove the fear factor that your prospects have.

It puts the risk on you instead of them and this helps to minimize one of the roadblocks which your prospect has when they make the purchase decision online.

5) Save


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Raise your hand if you don’t like to enjoy savings?

Would you want to save some time, so you have more time to spend with your family and loved ones?

Would you seek out some discount, deals and savings when you buy something?

You do enjoy savings right… Exactly, so do your customers.

In your marketing, if you genuinely offer your customers some savings on their purchase, it would entice them to reach into their wallet for their credit card to purchase your product now rather than later.

I want you to take action now, apply the magic words to your copy and increase your retention rate =)

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