5 Super Hires Who Will Help Grow Your Business Tremendously

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A venture capitalist once told me, having a “B” team people to execute an excellent idea would bring mediocre results, but having an “A” team people to execute a mediocre idea would bring excellent results.

No matter what kind of startup you are involved in, it always takes a team of people to succeed.

Any business that’s completely dependent on one person is awaiting a burnout to occur.

Having already witnessed a few startups myself, I have noticed that the ones which are doing well generally have staff who share these 5 traits.

1. Super Salesman

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A startup must have a fantastic salesperson. Without it, the company might not even survive the incubation stages.

In most cases, the founder himself doubles up on this role. However, if you recognize that you lack the ability to sell, you should immediately look to hire a super salesman to supplement the numbers.

If cash is the lifeblood of a startup, your sales people are the doctors that supply it. Countless startups have died due to the lack of sales; don’t let your company add to the statistics.

2. Marketing Visionary

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Individual selling may get you personal meet ups and sales, but it is marketing that truly propels your business to the next level.

Each of your salesperson only has a limited number of hours to work with.

Given that startups can usually only afford a limited number of salespeople, this would means that your sales reach is extremely limited.

Good marketing can extend your reach and great marketing can stretch it dramatically.

However, great marketing is never an accident and it takes a creative and visionary marketing executive to craft that out. Hence a great marketer would be a tremendous boost to your startup.

It would be a bonus if he has the added ability to work well with a limited budget.

3. Attentive Administrator

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You can paint the same picture for most entrepreneurs – energetic, ambitious go-getters who have a seemingly never ending flow of ideas.

These are the same type of people who get bored with the details and never have the penchant for paper work. I might even be describing the man in the mirror.

It’s probably for this same reason that you ejected yourself from the mundane corporate working environment to jump into the exciting world of entrepreneurship.

However, like most entrepreneurs, you would quickly find that administration duties are unavoidable in the business world.

It would serve you well to quickly hire an administrative person to take these duties off your hand.

It would not only lighten your load, but it would always free you to brainstorm on how you can further expand the business.

4. Skilled Executor

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At the end of the day, all businesses aim to serve a purpose or deliver a promise. Whatever business you do, you must hire someone who is highly skilled at it.

If you are a tech firm, you must have a competent programmer. If you are an engineering firm, you must have a skilled technician.

If you are a food & beverage startup, your chef had better know how to cook!

Outsourcing your core competencies to external companies is one of the biggest and most foolish mistakes one can make.

You are basically placing your chance of success in the hands of others hoping that they will do a good job at it.

Here’s the painful truth, they will never be as interested to make it work as much as you are. Always keep your core competency in-house and don’t be afraid to hire the very best for it.

5. Office Sunshine aka the Dude with Positive Attitude

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This might seems like a bit of a joke but any entrepreneur who has started a business would testify to the effects of having a bit of a joker on their team.

While I’m not asking you to go out and hire a full time clown to add to your team, having a member with a positive attitude makes the difficult days in the business a little easier to bear.

This is a particularly necessary fix for ups and downs that comes with entrepreneurial journey. It helps to remember the age old truth that people like to work with people they enjoy.

These people with their infectious attitude are usually also the more influential ones in the office and they are actually the keys to establish your company culture.

The best way to go about hiring these positive people lies in your interview process. They normally come as an extension of the role you’re looking for.

While this list is not exhaustive, any business with these hires on their team is certainly worth making a bet on. We hope you find your “A” team soon.

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