Facebook Marketing Made Easy: “Your 10-Step Guide To Capturing Targeted Leads and Profitable Customers… Using Facebook!”

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Consider this story of 2 business owners in Singapore:


Business owner A runs a wedding bridal service… and she spends at least $12,000 every month on traditional advertising and marketing.

She publishes ads in newspapers… she pays ad agencies huge sums of money to market her wedding planning services and gowns… and…

She puts in at least 10 hours every week promoting her business… via traditional means.







On the other hand…


Business owner B, who also runs a bridal studio and wedding gown rental service, is currently getting new leads for her business… for only $4-5 per lead.

She does not engage ad agencies… and… neither does she flush her money down the toilet bowl by using traditional marketing mediums.

She knows that in today’s digitalized world… it’s possible to target and get a strong hold on your best customers using the internet.

And when it comes to digital marketing and online advertising, one of the cheapest and lighting-quick ways to get new leads for your business is by using…


The Power of Facebook!




[image credits: socialadstool.com]



Are you ready? Then let’s dive straight into…


Your 10-Step Guide To Capturing Targeted Leads and Profitable Customers… Using Facebook







Step 1: List Down Top 3 Biggest Benefits Of Your Product Or Service

Before you even begin advertising on facebook, you will need to get crystal clear on your product benefits.

What for? Because this allows you to promote your product in the strongest way possible.

Case in point: Take a look at the way Apple promotes their Iphone6.




[Image Credits: apple.com]



If you actually go to their website, you’ll see that they have a massive list of benefits… about what each phone feature can do for the user.

Example: The iphone6 has a 12 megapixel iSight camera that can capture sharp and detailed photos with ease. But…

Notice how they translate this into clear, strong, and persuasive benefits?

It’s stated that the camera allows you to take photos quickly and easily… with just the click of a button.





[Image Credits: apple.com]


Thus, the feature is the 12 megapixel camera….

While the benefit is that the user can capture sharp, detailed photos… with just the press of a finger.


So here’s what you need to do before you even begin creating marketing on facebook:

  • List out 7-10 features of your product or service
  • Elaborate on these features… and show how the user benefits from it
  • Select the top 3 strongest benefits your customers would care most about


Once we have this ready, we can proceed onto the next step…


Step 2: Understand The Problem Or Pain That Your Product Solves

There was once a famous saying that:

“People will try harder to avoid pain, than to gain rewards”

Think about this for a second…


If there are 2 options available:

  • Do some work for 5 hours… Or else $15,000 will be deducted from your bank tonight
  • Do some work for 5 hours… And have an additional $15,000 credited into your bank account


Which option do you think would cause you to work harder?

You already know that most people would choose option A… because…

They do NOT want to lose what they already have!







Hence, always focus your product benefits on the customers’ problems.


So, assuming you’re selling cameras and your 3 biggest benefits are:

  • Huge zoom and magnification for the user to take pictures from far
  • Long battery life so the user only needs to charge every 5 days
  • Light and small, so the user can carry it around easily


Convert these 3 benefits into problems that it solves for the user…

  • Huge zoom and magnification = No longer need to worry about taking blur and poor-quality photos
  • Long battery life = No need to charge so often. Hence save time and electricity bills
  • Light and small = No need to inconvenience yourself by carrying the heavy camera in your bagpack… or worse… bringing around a separate bag just to hold the camera


Voila! Now these benefits seem a lot more relevant and targeted to the user, doesn’t it?

Once we get clear on this, we are then ready to…


Step 3: Narrow Down Our Main Target Audience For Our Facebook Ads

This is a simple step…

Just list down who would likely be the customers for your products or services.

In fact, here’s a full list of questions you can ask yourself… to find possible audiences for your facebook ad:

  • Who uses this product most commonly in the past
  • How old are they
  • Which country or area do they live in
  • What is their occupation
  • What is their language used
  • Are they male or female
  • Do they have any interests or hobbies related to this
  • Do they follow any popular celebrities or people in the market


As an example, let’s say that we’re in the business of selling weight loss supplements to women who just gave birth.




[Image Credits: amazon.com]


Here’s an example of who my target customers would be… based on the questions listed above:






With this information in hand, I can now proceed onto…


Step 4: Creating Your Facebook Page

This is a COMPULSORY step.

Before advertising or doing any marketing on facebook…

You will need a facebook page.

There are a few things for you to take note of, regarding facebook pages:


  • Nobody will know you created a facebook page
  • You can delete the facebook page anytime you want
  • Even if you do NOT intend to maintain a facebook page, you must still create one to start marketing on facebook


That being said, here’s how you create your facebook page:

Go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create/

You’ll see this on the web page:








Select the relevant option:

  • If you’re a local business… select that option.
  • If you’re a big company or organization… select that.
  • If you’re a non-profit organization… select Cause or Community.


Proceed to follow the step-by-step instructions provided by facebook…

And you’ll have created your facebook page in 5 minutes!

Take note that you do NOT have to set up a perfect and beautiful facebook page.

You just need to get the basics formed up, and you can begin advertising and marketing.

The edits, changes, and modifications can be added in later if you want to beautify your page and add more things in.


Step 5: Select The Objective For Your Facebook Ad Campaign

Once you have your facebook page up, you can then proceed to start creating your facebook ad.

Here’s how you do that.

Go to: https://www.facebook.com/ads/manager/creation/







Once there, select the option of “send people to your website”.

Of course, if you have more specific or different objectives, you can feel free to select those as well.

But, if you’re only just getting started… and you have no idea where to begin…

Just stick to the basics and select this option I just showed you.

Afterwards, enter your website address in the box that appears, and we’re done!


Step 6: Use The LAGI Formula To Laser-Target People On Facebook Who Are Most Likely To Buy

After you have entered your website address, just click the button at the bottom of the page.

Facebook will then ask for your time zone, currency, and a few other simple details.

Just fill that in, and you’ll next appear on this page…





This is where you target the audience for your ad… using the LAGI formula.

  • State the location (where you’d like the ad to be shown to people in that area)
  • State the age range of people who are most suitable for your ad
  • Choose the gender (male/ female/ both)
  • Type in a few interests in the “targeting” field… and facebook will naturally throw up a few more suggestions for you


For example, if we are using the same example of weight loss for females who just gave birth…

Here is how we could do the targeting:







Step 7: Decide On Your B.S.P (Budget… Schedule… Pricing)

Next, scroll down to select your B.S.P.






  • For budget: decide on how much you’re willing to spend per day… or during the set time period.
  • For schedule: decide whether you want to run your ad continuously, or set a start and end date.
  • For pricing: I recommend keeping it to the default for a start.


Personally, here at SingaporeEntrepreneurs.com, we have tested many different ways of doing the pricing.

Each of them differ, and some of them can get quite complicated. But you know what we realized?


Just choosing the default option can produce pretty amazing results in itself.

So, for simplicity purposes… just stick to the default option for now.

You can change things around later once your campaign is running… and if you want to optimize your ads for better results!


Step 8: Choose An Ad Picture That Gets Attention

Once you are done with the previous step of deciding on your B.S.P…

Click on the button at the bottom of the page, and you’ll land on this page:






It’s time to select an image!

For starters, choose the default option of “Single Image”, and then choose an image for your ad.


You can either:

  • Upload an image of your own (size: 1200 x 628 pixels), or…
  • Use a free stock image provided by facebook, as shown below…






Select “Free Stock Images”, to access the list of stock photos provided by facebook:






Choose from the wide range of stock photos by typing into the box:





Step 9: Create A Headline And Text For Your Ad

Once your image is selected… you can scroll down to write the headline and text for your ad.







Do note that there are character limits for the ads you create using the facebook ad manager (which we are currently using).

Thus, you need to keep your words sentences short and punchy!

If you want to overcome this issue, you can create your ad using this advanced tool called the “Power Editor”.

You can check it out here: Facebook.com/powereditor







However, do take note that the facebook power editor is an advanced tool that can be quite complex for total beginners.


If this is your first time advertising on facebook…

I recommend you only dive into the power editor after you’ve tried running ads for some time.


Step 10: Decide On Your Ad Placement

On the right side of the screen…

You’ll see options to select where your ad will appear on facebook.


It can appear in:

  • Desktop newsfeed
  • Mobile newsfeed
  • Audience network
  • Right hand column
  • Instagram








We recommend you begin advertising only on desktop and mobile newsfeed…

Because they have been proven to convert the best.

The other 3 options can be considered once you’re more familiar with advertising on facebook, and want to expand your reach.

Thus, remove the selection for “Desktop right column”, “Audience network”, and “Instagram”.



As you can tell, these 10 steps to begin advertising on facebook actually flow in a logical sequence.

That’s why… I recommend you start from the beginning, which is to map out the benefits and problems of your audience first.

Only with these information, then you’ll be able to create a good facebook ad that gets people to know more about your business.


One important thing though:

Facebook is always changing their interface and options, in order to adapt to more advertisers.

Hence, expect things to change as we move along. But not to worry…

If you’re able to fully understand this guide and take action on these 10 steps… you will already have mastered the fundamentals!

Any other changes you make in future will only serve to improve your results.


Good luck… and get started on your facebook ad now!

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