How To Set Your Sales On Fire… Using The Right Words

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Do you hate selling? Good thing the system you’re about to build takes care of that for you.


Say goodbye to having to handle the sinking feeling from customers’ rejection.

Here is a step-by-step guide for you to set up a system to do the persuasion for you. It takes your visitor from discovering your site to the decision making, whether to buy or close the window.

Do it once and it’s up, selling for you while you start on the next task on your list.

Here’s a framework for getting your persuasive writing right:



Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.31.09


1) How To Write Headlines?

Using a formula that sets your writing apart from average things your visitor reads every day.

Consider whether the following headlines from the screenshot below make you more likely to click on them.



Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.33.45

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Using one of the examples, it could have started off as “What Entrepreneurs Need For Their Business To Succeed”, if you wanted to share a story of your entrepreneurial journey.

Compare that with “Every Internet Entrepreneur Regrets Not Doing This Sooner”.

Which one makes you more excited to read on?

If your answer is the latter, then you have just witnessed the importance of the headline.

When you write an exciting headline that makes people sit up and click on the sign up without hesitation, you are doing persuasive writing correctly.

Here’s an example of a campaign that is getting us leads like there is no other job people would rather work at.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 16.30.08

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When you put in the necessary effort to come up with an attention-grabbing headline, it will encourage your visitors to read on.

Here’s a peek at how the conversions for a page like this did on paid ads:



Screenshot 2015-12-10 16.41.26 copy


With an average cost of $6.20 per conversion,

For a sign-up to a live event, a cost per conversion like this makes it possible for you to fill a room with attendees, and not make a dent in your marketing budget.

2) What Problem Does Your Product Solve?

Share with your visitors what problem you’re solving, so they know they went to the right place.

Here’s an example of a sales page for a wedding planner programme. The problems that people looking to enter the industry are clearly highlighted:



Screenshot 2015-12-10 16.19.36

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See how frustrations are brought to light in persuasive writing? The wedding planner hopefuls are facing the issues.

That brings us to…


3) Show You Know The Problem So Well It Seems Like You Know The Solution

The more you outline the problem they face, perhaps even better than them, so they are convinced that you really feel their frustration.

Then, they may look to you for the solution.

Here’s what the wedding planner programme proposes to do for visitors:



Screenshot 2015-12-10 16.23.33

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By promising a solution to problems that visitors face, they will be keen to find out what are you selling at this point.

4) Testimonials From Satisfied Customers

Nobody likes to feel like they’re alone. Same goes for buyers. If you demonstrate that someone else before them has tried your offering, it helps in the next sale you are about to close.

Now will be a good time to back your claims up with people that have tried what you are offering.

Your past customers are your best sales team. Other than the persuasive copy on your website.



Screenshot 2015-12-10 16.49.08

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It helps new visitors get a better feel of what to expect after trying you out.

Your visitors will be keen on knowing how they in turn can benefit after engaging you.

5) How Does The User Benefit?

Be assuring in that your visitor can see the difference before and after trying your product or service.

Mentioning the benefits of your product helps them see the value of your offering. Being able to express the end benefit will make your offering much more convincing.

Have a look at the screenshot to see how benefits are conveyed to the visitor:




Screenshot 2015-12-10 16.49.08

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See how the trained wedding planners can now:

– save on marketing costs,

– be entrusted with decisions without having to answer to bridezillas,

– earn a consistent income,

– gain visibility in the industry and

– never have to handle customers that haggle?

Each of the benefit helps add on to your visitor’s desire to buy your product or service.


6) Introduce An Offer

If you did a good job sharing the benefits with your visitor, most will be ready to give your offering a try.

You will want to include options for them to engage your product or service. Here’s an example of how you can offer the same thing at different pricings.




Screenshot 2015-12-10 17.58.12

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Do you see that a visitor will invest $564 over the course of a year if they paid monthly? If they are serious about using your product, the annual payment option is asking for much less – $197 for the exact same thing.

This offer helps nudge visitors towards a tier you’d want them to sign up for.

7) Provide A Solid Guarantee

There are cautious people who may regret their purchase decisions.

To help them overcome the mental resistance in spending recklessly, having the money back guarantee is essential.

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about.

Screenshot 2015-12-10 18.00.19

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To assure your visitor that you won’t run with their money, the option for refund helps them make the purchase with more confidence.

8) Create Sense Of Urgency

How do you catch visitors when they are sold on the benefits of what you’re offering, backed by a refund policy… and are ready for the purchase?

Adding a countdown timer like the example here helps.




Screenshot 2015-12-10 18.53.30

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Time limited offers help them to make the decision faster, and reduces the chances of people coming back to it later.

You will discover ways to increase the sense of urgency as you observe many sales pages on the net, but this one here is a good way to start.


9) Close The Sale

With the persuasive writing system in place, you will notice many sales pages have the sign-up link for visitors to take action at various positions on the page.

They all lead to the same destination, but having the link everywhere is necessary because different people decide at different stages of reading your persuasive writing.


Screenshot 2015-12-11 16.20.59

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See how there are 4 links to sign up for an event within paragraphs of the persuasive writing? These help to lead visitors to the end goal.

That is to close the sale.


The flow chart summarizes how you can follow the 9 steps to write persuasively.



Screenshot 2015-12-10 12.31.09



You know how to write copy that can persuade your audience to convert into a potential customer.

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