The Proven 3-step Formula We Use To Help Our Clients and Other Business Owners Generate Leads On-Demand… Using The Internet!

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3 steps is all you need… to start getting more leads for your business.


What? Doesn’t that sound too simple?

Yes, you’re right. It’s simple, it’s straight-forward, and…


It Gets Results!

Results like these (for one of our co-business units):



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What’s So Amazing About This 3-step Formula?


  • This is the exact formula that new business owners have used… when they wanted to use the internet to generate leads and sales cheaply
  • These 3 steps have helped several multi-million dollar businesses (including to scale and grow… in just a short time!
  • Businesses that fail to apply these 3 steps usually have a hard time generating leads from the internet… or… they spend a lot of money but see little results.


In fact, when you put this 3-step formula into action…

You’ll probably see a spike in your business sales and profits…

While creating a lot more value for your customers, and building a lot more credibility… And…


Spending LESS Time And LESS Money To Grow Your Business!




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So what are these 3 steps you can use to generate more leads for your business?


  • Create a sales-sucking lead magnet that attracts your potential customers
  • Setup a simple landing page… packed with lots of persuasive power and juice… To help your business capture leads cheaply
  • Use highly-targeted traffic sources to bring a horde of visitors to your website…


Within Just A Few Days, On-Demand!

These above 3-steps are what you’ll be learning in this article.

So… if you’re a business owner who wants more leads and sales… and you want a proven system to make that a reality…

Then pay close attention to what you’re about to discover here.


Step #1: Create A Sales-Sucking Lead Magnet That Attracts Your Potential Customers






Example of a lead magnet from


What Is A Lead Magnet?

Simply put, it’s something you use to attract leads to your products or services.

Just like a magnet that attracts metal towards it… in this case… your lead magnet serves to attract potential customers.


What Are Some Examples Of Lead Magnets?

  • A free digital guide sharing cool tips and strategies
  • A 3-part video series that tells your audience the benefits of your product
  • Complimentary vouchers and coupons giving people a free trial
  • A weekly newsletter that keeps your readers updated with the latest news in your industry


Those are just a few simple examples of what types of lead magnets you can create for your business.




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A lead magnet can also be a FREE trial (as seen on

But, the million-dollar question is…


Why Do You Need A Lead Magnet In The First Place?

Why can’t you just sell your products or services directly?


  • Very often, your audience does NOT know enough about you to make a purchase decision so quickly.Thus, a lead magnet gives them a better idea of the value you can provide.
  • It serves to TEASE people, and whet their appetite.Example: If you offer a free 60-minute trial to your slimming program… and it helps the customer see some results…They will feel more hungry and motivated to pay money for your actual slimming packages.
  • You can build credibility and expertise for yourself.Imagine if you’re selling a fitness training bootcamp… and you offer a FREE 2-part video series as a lead magnet.In your free video series, you give the audience so many valuable tips and advice that they feel blown away!Now, they see you as an expert in this area, and they trust you more.And guess who they will most likely buy from if they are truly serious about getting fit?
  • Most importantly, a lead magnet helps you generate massive leads for your business… that you can follow up with… quickly and cheaply!The main purpose of a lead magnet, as you already know, is to attract leads.Hence, you are using this lead magnet to ethically “bribe” people to give you their contact information…In return for something of great value to them.




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An example of a lead magnet from, where they give you something FREE and valuable

This helps your business to grow… and you build a huge list of leads quickly.

And if you’re able to follow-up with these hot leads, they could potentially bring in thousands of dollars in sales and profits!



So How Do You Create A Lead Magnet To Attract Potential Customers?

Here’s a simple 3-step process to do so:

  • Find a problem that most people in your market are facing
  • Create a lead magnet that solves part of the problem for your audience
  • The lead magnet should tie in naturally to your main product or services

Example: If you are selling a paid program that teaches others how to invest in stocks and profit from trading…

You could create a lead magnet that shows people 5 simple criteria you use to find profitable stocks.



This Won’t Make Them Millionaires Overnight, But…

At least it solves part of the problem for them, by showing them how they can get started finding profitable stocks.

Then, after consuming your lead magnet, they naturally want to learn more strategies and techniques from you on stock investing.





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Your lead magnet should focus on their problems… and solve part of the problem for them


See How The Lead Magnet Ties In Naturally With Your Main Product…

While still adding value to your customers, and helping them solve some of their current problems?

Follow this 3-step process, and you won’t go wrong with your lead magnet.

For more information on the different types of lead magnets you can use in your business, check out this article:


“5 Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use To Attract Hundreds of Leads To Your Business Every Month… Cheaply and Quickly”


Step #2: Setup A Persuasive Landing Page To Capture Leads

You will realize that as we continue this formula, the steps become easier and easier.


Because step #2 (landing page) is based off step #1 (lead magnet).

Hence, the more time and effort you spend on step #1 (lead magnet)…

The easier it would be to execute step #2 (landing page).


Simply Put, Your Landing Page Only Needs To Have 3 Elements:

  • Headline
  • Benefits of your lead magnet
  • Call-to-action




[Image Credits:]


An example of a landing page from…

Containing all 3 elements (Headline; Benefits; Call-to-action)

Let’s get into a little more detail for each of these 3 elements…


Element #1: Headline


The purpose of the headline is to:

  • Grab attention of the reader
  • Grab attention of the reader
  • Grab attention of the reader


Did you read the above carefully?

The sole purpose of the headline is to grab the reader’s attention… so they continue reading the other parts of your landing page.

And how do you grab attention?

2 ways to do this:

  • State a benefit they could get
  • Make the headline relevant to their problems or desires







Example of a relevant headline that tells the reader a benefit they could get… which is to lose weight fast!

Just by ensuring your headline fulfils the 2 criteria above…

You would be able to keep the attention of your reader, and arouse their interest to read on further, thus leading you onto…


Element #2: Benefits

These benefits are usually given in the form of bullet points.

Remember… in step #1 (creating of lead magnet)… you already created your lead magnet based on problems your market faces.

Hence, this part is pretty straight-forward:

  • Tell the reader how your lead magnet can help solve their problems and frustrations
  • State what they could learn… discover… or be rewarded with when they get access to this lead magnet





[Image Credits:]


Example of bullet points that tells the reader what benefits they could get

After reading your attention-grabbing headline, and being convinced by your powerful and persuasive benefits…

The reader is now ready to get their hands on your lead magnet.

And to do that… they need to leave down their contact information.

That’s when this final 3rd element seals the deal for you…


Element #3: Call-To-Action

This is as obvious as it gets.

If you don’t ask for it, you won’t get it.

Simply let your reader know what you need from them. Here’s an example:




CTA example

[Image Credits:]


That’s all!

By having a clear call-to-action:

  • Your reader knows exactly what to do (leave down their contact information)
  • They do not need to spend time guessing and thinking what to do (which may cause them to leave the page)


Of course, these 3 elements (headline, benefits, call-to-action) given above are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to creating a landing page.

For more details and specifics on how to create a world-class landing page that sucks people in, check this out:


“3 Elements of Attention-Grabbing Copy… And How You Can Use Them To Generate More Leads… And Sales… For Your Business!”


Viola! We Are Done!


You now have a persuasive landing page to capture leads for your business.

You have a lead-magnet that helps people solve problems and creates desire for your main product.

So what’s next?


Step #3: You Need To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Landing Page… Cheaply And Quickly!


Now, there are 2 types of traffic sources available online:

  • Free traffic, or…
  • Paid traffic


Which do you prefer?

Of course, anyone in the right mind would say…




We all love free stuff, don’t we? However…


There Are A Few Downsides To FREE Traffic Sources:

  • They are unpredictable. They can flow in like crazy on one day, and suddenly dry up the next day.
  • You do NOT have control over them. Unlike paid traffic (where you’ll get visitors if you pay for it)… free traffic is at the mercy of other forces i.e. google ranking, people sharing your content or articles, people telling their friends about your products or services
  • You must wait some time to see results. That’s because the traffic is not systemized nor on-demand… so it comes in slowly, and takes some time to build up.


And that’s why…

Paid Traffic Is The Way To Go!


But fear not, because…


You’re Going To Learn Where And How To Get Traffic… Quickly And Cheaply!

Here are a few traffic sources business owners can consider…

If they are looking to get traffic cheaply and quickly:


Traffic source #1: Facebook

Examples of facebook ads on desktop and mobile:




[Image Credits:]





[Image Credits:]


Traffic source #2: Yahoo Gemini




[Image Credits:]

Here are some examples of yahoo ads:




[Image Credits:]



[Image Credits:]


Traffic source #3: Outbrain




[Image Credits:]


Examples of Outbrain ads:




[image credits:]


You can get full details of these 3 traffic sources in the following article:

“3 Low-Cost Traffic Sources To Help You Attract More Customers Instantly… That 8 Out of 10 Business Owners Are Clueless About!”


And of course, discover how to use the power of facebook to capture targeted leads for your business with this step-by-step guide:

Facebook Marketing Made Easy:
“Your 10-Step Guide To Capturing Targeted Leads and Profitable Customers… Using Facebook!”


In fact, with just these 3 traffic sources (facebook, yahoo, outbrain)…

Your Business Could Be Bringing In A Ton Of Leads Every Single Day… On Autopilot…


Who are hungry and desperate for your products and services!




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We’ve covered a lot of ground in this article…

From creating your own high-value lead magnet…

To building a persuasive landing page…

All the way to using paid traffic sources to get visitors on-demand!

This is the exact 3-step formula that we use ourselves, to grow… as well as our other business units.

In fact, we even use this same formula whenever we take on a new lead-generation client, and we need to help them generate massive leads in a short time.

Thus, if you’re currently in need of more leads and sales…

Make sure you follow this formula closely, and you’ll see amazing results in your own business.



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